How far did general haig deserve

The comfort of the chateau, it is argued, made it easier for Haig to think of tactics and it was necessary for Haig to be cold in order to do his job — not visiting the front line made this possible.

However stupid they might have been, however much they were the product of a system which obstructed enterprise, they knew what they were doing. This was the highest number of casualties ever recorded in British history in a single battle.

Given that over 50 thousands soldiers died on the first day, Haig as the leader of the team, P. However, this source is a lot more trustworthy since he would have known about the conditions clearly and since it is written to his family, he had no reason to exaggerate.

For example, in he wrote an article about the impact that the First World War had on military tactics: This source is reliable because given the fact that it was written by a Prime Minister of Britain during WW1.

Haig was the product of his time, of his upbringing, education, and training and previous military experience. He really believed that he won the battle, but in fact he did not. The cream of the British manhood was shattered in less than six hours.

If anything, he may even not have told of the full horrors so as not worry those back at home. Moreover, many people believe that it was inexcusable for Haig not to empathise with his men in any way and to live in luxury whilst his men lived in extremely poor conditions.

Haig was irritated by Sir John French influenced by Henry Wilson into putting his faith in a French thrust up from the Ardennes who was only concerned with the three German corps in front of the BEF at Mons and who ignored intelligence reports of German forces streaming westwards from Brussels, threatening an encirclement from the British left.

So,there was at least one obvious alternative to a succession of mindless straightahead attacks that always failed with massive casualties. The source supports the point that Douglas Haig is the Butcher of the battle of the Somme.

Overall, there is still a debate between he is a butcher or he was just doing his job.

Does General Haig deserve to be called

Many blame him for the using tactics that had been successful during previous war, such as the cavalry which Haig had used to win the Boer war fifteen years earlier.

Haig, who had been knighted for his work at the War Office, was promoted to lieutenant-general in November It was believed on the British side that the lessons of Neuve Chapelle had been learned—reserves were ready to exploit and mortars were ready to support attackers who had advanced beyond artillery cover ——and that this time success would be complete not partial.

July 1 was one of the most deaths in war in the war history. It was taken on 12th Aprila few months after the war ended. However Haig also rewrote his diary from this period, possibly to show himself in a better light and French in a poor one.

Here are some pieces of evidence to support this point of view. South bank of the German defense was made incapable of resisting another attack. Haig and Robertson were aware that Britain would have to take on more of the offensive burden, as France was beginning to run out of men and perhaps could not last more than another year at the same level of effort but thought that the Germans might retreat in the west to shorten their line, so they could concentrate on beating the Russians, who unlike France and Britain might accept a compromise peace.

There are more and more evidences to support both sides of opinion. The German army went to the north bank and inflicted a huge defeat on the British infantry, which killed so many Britain soldiers. And the photo might not be real, or it was just created by the government to raise the support to Haig.

Over 3 million shells hit the German trenches.

How Far Does General Haig Deserve to Be Known as ‘the Butcher of the Somme’?

His only change was that he brought in tanks that at first seemed like they might be the cause of a breakthrough and had early success but they soon failed as they broke down mid battle in no mans land. Although the Germans had lostmen during the war and had retreated 10 kilometers back from their trenches.

On the other hand, the second interpretation is that Haig was just doing his job as a general. On the first day of the battle 20, British soldiers were killed and 30, soldiers were injured or wounded. He tried his best and put a lot of effort on the planning and war, so that Britain had its victory at last.

However the Germans built underground bunkers made out of concrete. This might be supporting the point that he was just doing his job and he made a great success in the war.

General Douglas Haig (1861 - 1928)

Also, writing after Haig had died meant that he was able to be objective. The Germans lostmen in the war, but at the same time, the deaths of Britain and French in total had the same amount of people died of the German empire.

Especially on the first day of the battle, which lost a massive number of casualties in the war history?. Does General Haig Deserve the Title The Butcher of the Somme ; How far does source A prove that Haig did not care about the live of his men ; General Douglas Haig ; Was the Battle of the Somme a failure ; Why is the battle.

Does General Haig Deserve to Be Remembered 'The Butcher of the Somme'? Words | 6 Pages Douglas Haig (19 June – 29 January ) was a senior commander in the First World War (WWI), and perhaps one of the most notable figures in British Military history.

Haig was but one general to subscribe to the reality that was, men would die for any progress whether it be or , the butcher’s bill would be high for all.

Does General Haig Deserve to Be Remembered 'The Butcher of the Somme'? Words 6 Pages Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig (19 June – 29 January ) was a senior commander in the First World War (WWI), and perhaps one of the most notable figures in British Military history.

General Douglas Haig was one of the commanders from the British army in the Battle of Somme, the battle with one of the highest casualties in British military history.

Some people called him “Butcher Haig” or “Butcher of the Somme” after his death inbecause he sent thousands of British soldiers to their death. Did General Haig Deserve To Be The Butcher of the Somme In June a Serb assassinated Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of the Austrian Empire.

Did WWI’s ‘butcher of the Somme’ get an unfair rep?

Austria decided to .

How far did general haig deserve
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Does Haig deserve his reputation as "Butcher of the Somme" – Assignment Example